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As a Karen Pryor Academy - Certified Training Partner, or KPA-CTP, I train using the most up to date science-based training techniques available.

Being accepted into the KPA-CTP program, and graduating from it, fulfilled a dream that went back many years.

My hands on experience goes back many years and includes successful competition obedience and agility, as well as service dog training and puppy rearing.

In addition, I trained and certified one of my dogs in human remains detection and participated in search and rescue.

More recently, I have become involved in trick and stunt dog training. Fetch is a Trick Dog Champion and my whippet Smudge was the first whippet in the USA to earn a stunt dog title!

I am constantly seeking out new training and learning experiences to expand my knowledge and share that with dog owners




Varies according to schedule of classes and private sessions


Debbie Blythe
Fetch ’n Fun LLC
22391 Hwy 59 S
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