Private Lessons

$75 per session or $200 for 4 sessions

Behavior Consultations

This session is 1 & 1/2 hours to determine what type of training your dog needs based on their behavior and your needs. – $75

Our Classes

All classes are limited to 3 - 5 participants.
4 weeks

Puppy Start Right

Socialization, enrichment activities and puppy foundations.
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4 weeks


Foundation behaviors for life. Games to begin to teach behaviors.
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4 weeks


Building on Basics, advancing your dog’s training and building your bond. Games and activities to develop more advanced behaviors.
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4 weeks

Better Vet Visits

Teaching your dog to accept veterinary handling and restraint, as well as husbandry tasks.
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4 weeks

Intro to Fitness

Learn the components of fitness and how to develop your dog’s fitness. Help your dog lose weight and develop muscle. Opportunity to earn your first Canine Conditioning Fitness title.
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2 hours

Puppy & new dog prep

This is a 2 hour session to help you set up and prepare for that new pup! House-training, crate training, and dozens of tips to get you off on the right paw!
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Fitness Orientation

Interested in working on your dog’s fitness in a climate controlled, safe environment? We’ve got you covered!

All equipment is provided and you will receive an orientation to its safe use.

After your orientation, you may book a session for $10 or a session with coaching for $15.

Competition folks, Fetch ’n Fun has Klimbs, a rainbow ladder, fitbones, mini-fitbones, discs, paw pods, hurdles and the like. Take advantage of excellent footing, dry and comfy temps, and plenty of space to work on your dog’s strength, agility, and fitness.

Service dog task training and public access training.

Service dog training individualized to your unique requirements. Not all dogs qualify as Service Dogs in Training. This type of training requires a long term commitment and you will spend at least 6 months training your dog for public access. In addition, task training (what tasks will your dog do, that help you) may take up to one year.

I would love to help you achieve independence and improve your quality of life with a well-trained service dog!

Please contact Fetch ’n Fun for information and requirements.

Workshops & Education

Fetch ’n Fun regularly offers workshops on various topics. Here are a few to choose from:

Dog Training; Facts & Fiction.

Clicker Training: Intro to using a clicker successfully.

Service Dogs: Facts & Fiction

Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, Trick Dog Champion - Do More With Your Dog titling program.

Trick Training

4 week sessions divided by levels
Novice includes foundation behaviors for teaching tricks.


*Fitness and trick titles may be earned and witnessed at class, but in order to receive your title, you will need to submit your application and required fee to Do More With Your Dog.




Varies according to schedule of classes and private sessions


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